Universities exist to create and share knowledge.

But how open are they?

Welcome to COKI

This is the project website of the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI).

COKI seeks to be the world’s leading hub for analysis and evaluation of open knowledge in higher education.

Founded at Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2017, the COKI project team collaborate with national and international partners to create fresh insights into Open Knowledge practice around the world.

COKI has developed the world’s leading open knowledge data set, drawing together more than 12 trillion data elements, providing a comprehensive understanding of open knowledge practices and impact.

The COKI project team is has developed insights, analysis and tools which can enable universities to become Open Knowledge Institutions.

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Do University rankings measure anything at all?

There are many complaints that we might make about university rankings. Mostly these fall into two categories.

The first is that they simply reinforce existing power structures, privileging western, English-speaking universities and maintaining an exclusive club, which is impossible to break into and self-perpetuating.

The second is that the data used and the processes used to analyse them are incomplete, biased towards specific universities, and the methodology flawed for the use that they’re being put to.

Big data to break through the paywall

The world’s leading data set capturing the way university knowledge is developed and shared has been developed by COKI, drawing together more than 12 trillion data elements.

This data set, initiated in 2017 and continuously improved ever since, will enable the COKI team and collaborators from around the world to develop insights, analysis and the tools required to enable universities to become Open Knowledge Institutions.

COKI seeks to collaborate with partners around the world to create fresh insights into the application and best practice of Open Knowledge in higher education globally.