COKI Research Funding Dashboard

This Dashboard draws in data from public sources around the world to provide insights into national research funding – based on tallies of the numbers of research publications produced that recognise funding agencies.

This data tool is one of a number of research and analysis tools that has been developed by the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI) project and provides insights into the ratio of domestic funding to international funding, as well as acknowledged sources of funding by country.

The Research Funding Dashboard provides an opportunity to examine trends relating to research funding around the world. The Dashboard includes an analysis of domestic funding compared to international funding by country, a map showing the number of publications that acknowledge funding in each country and a set of charts which identify trends in funding sources within each nation.

To use this dashboard, we recommend a laptop, desktop or tablet.

Detail on how data are sourced and used to create the Dashboard is freely available for download.

For further insights into research funding and analytical reports, please contact the COKI project team.